internacionalConsidering the search for new opportunities and business, Trademarks and product innovations should be protected, since they refer to material assets with economic value and corporate assets.

Trademarks and patentable innovations by national and international companies should count on protection in all countries where products are commercialized or where its commercialization is intended.

This means that, in the lack of this protection, there will be the risk that counterfeiting third parties start to produce and export products with the same Trademarks or Patents as registered in the country of origin, thus appropriating rights.

Therefore, it is extremely relevant for the protection and legitimacy of the owners of said rights to protect intellectual creations (Trademarks and Patents) in the countries to which they export or intend to export, by filing the Trademark Registration and the Patent Application not only in the country of origin, but also abroad, so to safety promote corporate business internationally.

We highlight that, by means of treaties, agreements, organizations, contracts and similar arrangements between countries, it is possible to extend one single registration or application to obtain protection in various member countries, within established deadlines.

Since Brazil is a signatory of various International Agreements related to Industrial/Intellectual Property, it is much easier to protect your trademark or patent abroad.