Direitos AutoraisCopyright Registration with the National School of Fine Arts, National Library and Music School (*) grants special protection to the piece of art in all activities and assures the authorship privilege, avoiding counterfeiters to appropriate rights.
(*) Depending on the kind of artistic, cultural or literary development.

According to the Copyright Law nº 9,610 dated February 19, 1998, the following can be protected:
• Texts of literary, artistic or scientific works;
• Conferences, chats, preaches and other works of the same nature;
• Dramatic and musical works;
• Choreographic and pantomime works, which theatrical performance is written or in any other form;
• Song composition, with or without lyrics;
• Audiovisual works, with or without sound, including movies;
• Photographic works and those produced by any process analogous to photography;
• Drawing, painting, carving, sculpture, lithographic and kinetic art works;
• Illustrations, geographic charts and other works of the same nature;
• Projects, drafts and plastic works on geography, engineering, topography, architecture, landscaping, scenography and science;
• Adaptations, translations and other information on original works, presented as a new intellectual creation;
• Excerpts or compilations, anthologies, encyclopedias, dictionaries, databases and other works which, by their selection, organization or disposition of their contents, constitute intellectual creation.