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Welcome to Excel

For more than 25 years, EXCEL has worked in the Industrial and Intellectual Property protection field, specializing in Trademark and Patent in Brazil and abroad, representing clients from all corporate sectors, aiming to promote technological development, interchanging and repress unfair competition.

Our Address

Excel Marcas e Patentes Ltda

Blanch office
Rua Raposo Tavares, 88 – Cj.205 – 2º andar.
Brooklin – São Paulo –SP – Brasil – Cep. 04704-110

Main office
Alameda Coqueiros, 268
Patrimonio do Carmo – Canguera
São Roque –SP – Brasil - Cep. 18145-342

Phones: 55 (11) 4717.1313 | 55 (11) 4717.1650 | WhatsApp 55 (11) 99919.1066